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Slam-In Online Help

It is our goal to produce a system that is so easy to use that you don't need a detailed user's manual. Instead, we produce a short Quick Start Guide for each competition format that we officially support*.  These Quick Start Guides are downloadable from web pages dedicated to those formats.  Don't see a webpage for your format?  Call us at 815-261-4586 or write to, and we'll help you create one.

* When we say we "support" a competition format, it means that we have identified and worked with an organization that maintains a set of rules on behalf of its members, and we have verified that our settings support their competition rules.  Slam-In, however, can be configured for almost any type of competition.

Downloading Slam-In

We offer Slam-In 2.0 in both a Windows and a Macintosh environment.  Use these links to access the most current  released version of the program:
A Sibling of QuizBowl Systems
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"Keys" to Slam-In Success

You may operate the Slam-In Scoreboard software in Play Mode with your mouse, with your keyboard, or with an optional wireless host remote control . From a single host/moderator standpoint, a host remote control is easiest since it frees you to move around the room while leading the game.

The second easiest way to operate the Slam-In Scoreboard software, in our opinion, is to use its built-in keyboard shortcuts.  Each Slam-In kit contains these keyboard stickers for easy reference:

Play Question/Start Timer = Spacebar
Right Answer = B ("Bonus")
Wrong Answer = Backspace
Power = P
Neg = N
Computation = C
Time Out = W (as in "Whoa!")

Operating the program with a mouse might be the most intuitive, especially for new users, but it takes longer than either a host remote or keyboard shortcuts,  In addition, seeing the mouse cursor move about the screen is distracting for an audience viewing the scoreboard during a match.

Operating Slam-In using keyboard shortcuts is much faster than using your mouse.
3. Launch and register the program using the e-mail address/registration key combination that came with your kit.  These two pieces of information are also in .txt files on your Slam-In USB Flash drive.
2. Save the appropriate settings file you need into the Formats\Official Competition Formats folder in your Slam-In installation directory.  These files are on your Slam-In USB Flash drive and on the Formats page for your competition organization.  Or you can get them by contacting us directly.
But installing the program is just Step 1 in a 3-Setup process:

1. Download and install the program.
Download Slam-In 2.0 for Macintosh (Build 160 - Requires OSX and Intel Processor)
Download Slam-In 2.0 for Windows (Build 160 - Requires Windows XP, Vista, or Windows 7/8/10)