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If you need immediate assistance, then check out our Help page.  But if you need some background on a topic or an illustration, this page is for you.

This material is organized in to 3 categories: Training, Tours, and Testimonials.
A Sibling of QuizBowl Systems
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In “One Click Wonders” we show you
how you can drastically alter the
competition or practice environment by
changing a single option setting in Slam-

In “Knowledge Is Power” we show you
how Slam-In can be used to help you
assess your players’ strengths and
weaknesses.  We also demonstrate
ways to administer “stress tests” to
improve player performance.

In “Flexing Our Muscles” we show you
how to use Slam-In for classroom
content review and fundraising.  We
also describe how you can scrimmage
against other schools without leaving
your classroom.
"Outside the Box Applications of Slam-In" is a 3-part PowerPoint video series that illustrates who to modify Slam-In's settings to accommodate different player assessment and training purposes.
Two of the greatest strengths of Slam-In are its ability to produce detailed player and team statistics after a match or practice and its customizable team and player announcement sounds.