Each team uses one or more wireless slammers (shown on the left).  Unlike a typical TV remote control, no one has to "aim" these ring-in devices. They work 100 feet away (or more), and we guarantee you'll never experience any signal interference or your money back!

Position your teams wherever you want - the system is wireless from you to them.
Setting up a Slam-In system takes almost no time at all. Plug the Slam-In receiver into your computer's USB port, and the LED light on the face of the receiver tells you it's ready to go. Slam-In utilizes our patented wireless technology - currently in use in over 25,000 locations worldwide.
How Slam-In Works

It really
is as easy as 1-2-3:

      1. Plug the wireless receiver into your computer's USB port.

      2. Customize team/player names.

      3. Click on the "Play" button.
Anyone who knows the answer can hit their slammer or press their buzzer to ring in on behalf of their team and lock out everyone else. Slam-In identifies which team - and which player - on-screen and can play a customizable ring-in sound identifying that team and that specific player.  Slam-In can even detect early ring-ins automatically and allows you to award bonus points for early right answers ("powers") or penalize early wrong answers ("negs").  It also handles "blurt" scoring.
If they answer correctly, you click the "Right" button (or press the + button), and that team wins points. If they answer incorrectly, you click the "Wrong" button (or press the - button):
Slam-In lets you distribute and use up to 50 individual ring-in devices at one time!  And you can organize your contestants into as many as 10 teams.

Or conduct a toss-up practice with up to 40 students playing head-to-head, without scoring.
Toss-up Questions, Bonus Questions, and Team Questions. Powers & Negs. On-screen timers for ring-in and answer control. Time outs.  A Round Timer and automated scorekeeping.  Lightning Rounds.  Automatic early ring-in detection.

It's all here with Slam-In!
A Sibling of QuizBowl Systems
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And - if your game settings allow it - the other team(s) now have a chance to ring-in because Slam-In resets the slammer system automatically. If you have set a Wrong Answer Penalty, those points are deducted as well.