Regardless of what you call it - a quiz bowl, an academic tournament, a scholastic bowl, a knowledge bowl, a geography bowl, a science bowl, an academic challenge, a brain brawl, a battle of the books, etc. - Slam-In turns your event into a show that no one will forget! It will also be an event that is easy for you to set up and run.
System Requirements? Slam-In software works on Windows 10/11 computers. Both types of wireless buzzer systems that we offer work up to 50 feet away from your computer and utilize radio frequency signals.
Slam-In reduces the "people power" needed to support a match or practice session because
it does all this for you automatically:

      • It manages the ring-in process and requires no resetting between questions.
      • It controls all timers, ensuring consistency throughout the match.
      • It can announce ring-in winners, and its announcement sounds can be customized.
      • It keeps score, keeping everyone informed.
      • It generates a standard scoresheet that's editable during a match.
      • It even helps you raise funds through banner advertising.

And it's easy to use.  Just click on buttons labeled "Start Ring-In Timer", "Right", or "Wrong", and Slam-In does all the rest.  But don't let our ease of use fool you - check out our advanced features.

A Sibling of QuizBowl Systems
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2 Types of Reliable
Wireless Buzzers
With a 50 ft. Range.
Scoreboard software that automates everything - timers, ring-in spotting,
and scoring with live, editable spreadsheet statistics.
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