Academic Competition Systems

Durable, Reliable
Wireless Slammers
With a 100 ft. Range!
Scoreboard software that automates everything - timers, ring-in spotting,
and scoring with detailed SQBS-compatible statistics.
It even works over the Web!  Here's how you do it...
You can also operate Slam-In using an optional wireless host remote control that lets you moderate a match without having to sit next to your computer:

      • One button starts questions and timers.
      • Two others are labeled "Right" and "Wrong".
      • Another can lock out all ring-in activity.
      • Yet another allows you to call a Time Out.

You can even Swap to PowerPoint to teach during a match, then swap back to Slam-In to review what you've presented!  It's optional, but it's great if you're moderating alone in front of an audience.
Regardless of what you call it - a quiz bowl, an academic tournament, a scholastic bowl, a knowledge bowl, a geography bowl, a science bowl, an academic challenge, a brain brawl, a battle of the books, etc. - Slam-In turns your event into a show that no one will forget! (It will also be an event that, for once, is easy for you to set up and run.)
System Requirements? Slam-In software works on Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10) and Mac OSX computers. All our slammer/buzzer systems are FCC and CE certified. Our patented wireless technology works up to 100 feet away from your host computer, and our hardware is incredibly durable.  You won't be paying for (or doing) any repairs on our systems!

You also have our
money-back guarantee that you won't ever experience any wireless interference with Slam-In.
Slam-In is the official lockout system of the Illinois Elementary School Association.  And for an 8th consecutive year, Slam-In chosen for the Commissioner's Academic Challenge - Florida's Official High School Academic Championship and the National Tournament of Academic Excellence.
Slam-In 2.0 is now available and reduces the "people power" you need to support a match or tournament by 50% or more because it does so much for you automatically:

      • It manages the ring-in process and requires no resetting between questions.
      • It controls all timers, ensuring consistency throughout the match.
      • It announces ring-in winners, and its announcements can be customized.
      • It keeps score, keeping everyone informed.
      • It produces SQBS-compatible reports after a match.
      • It works over the Internet, saving you travel time and money.
      • It even helps you raise funds through banner advertising.

And it's easy to use.  Just click on buttons labeled "Start Ring-In Timer", "Right", or "Wrong", and Slam-In does all the rest.  But don't let our ease of use fool you - check out our advanced features.
A Sibling of QuizBowl Systems
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